Parkersburg Academy

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Montessori Adventure (Pre-K thru TK)

Key Components of our classroom:

Designed Especially for Pre K 3 thru Kindergarten

 ~ Hands-on Learning Materials - 
       The concept learned is the concept applied.
~ Healthy Snacks.
~ Caring, Capable, Christian Staff.
~ Children are given opportunities and encouraged to 
       practice writing, numbers, letters then words.
~ Each child is allowed to progress at their own true 
       learning speed. Understanding, not just 
       memorization is valued.
~ Creativity and self-expression are especially 
       developed through sharing time and at the art   
~ Children are taught and expected to treat others        
       with consideration and respect.
~ Children are taught and expected to develop habits 
       of neatness and responsibility.


We are excited to be expanding Forest learning to our all-day students attending the Montessori Classroom. 

Please see this link to understand what gear is needed.