Parkersburg Academy

Creative Education that Honors the Creator . . . rooted in God's love.

Montessori Adventure (Pre-K thru TK)

We offer full and half day programs

Monday thru Thursday ~ No Friday Classes

~ half-day program 8:00-11:30

~ Full day  8:00-3:10


Key Components of our classroom:

Designed Especially for Pre K 3 thru Kindergarten

 ~ Hands-on Learning Materials - 
       The concept learned is the concept applied.
~ Healthy Snacks.
~ Caring, Capable, Christian Staff.
~ Children are given opportunities and encouraged to 
       practice writing, numbers, letters then words.
~ Each child is allowed to progress at their own true 
       learning speed. Understanding, not just 
       memorization is valued.
~ Creativity and self-expression are especially 
       developed through sharing time and at the art   
~ Children are taught and expected to treat others        
       with consideration and respect.
~ Children are taught and expected to develop habits 
       of neatness and responsibility.


We are excited to be expanding Forest learning to our Montessori Program,

all students enrolled in the program will need forest gear.


There's no bad weather, just bad clothing choices.

Please see this link to understand what gear is needed.