Parkersburg Academy

Creative Education that Honors the Creator . . . rooted in God's love.


"I'm so excited to have my child as part of the learning environment at Parkersburg Academy, I was so impressed and moved by the loving care I saw the principal address the other students while there touring. The forest program is so amazing!" - Parent applicant

"Amazing how far our daughter has progressed in learning from the start of school." - Parent

"We have always had such a great experience with Parkersburg Academy. The teachers are so kind and patient." - Parent

"As my daughter has continued to grow into her teenage years, Parkersburg Academy has been an absolute asset to assuring that good life decisions are made. The mentorship from the staff have been a direct answered prayer." - Parent


"I can not express how grateful I am for Parkersburg Academy! Instead of boy talk, crude songs, and wordly behavior - my children sing praises to our Father and focus on learning. Thank you for helping develop amazing children who serve the Lord!!"
~Parent of enrolled student

"We could not be happier with the education that Parkersburg Academy is offering! The professional teaching staff goes above and beyond to make education exciting and fun -- all while covering an excellent curriculum."
~Parent of enrolled student

"The good balance of mental, physical and spiritual encouragement lets me know my child is in the right school."
~Parent of enrolled student

"The teachers nurture hearts as well as minds."
~Parent of enrolled student