Parkersburg Academy

Creative Education that Honors the Creator . . . rooted in God's love.


Application Fee:        $25.00  (For new students only - Non-refundable)
                                    Must be paid online or in person before a student's application will be considered.
Enrollment / Re-enrollment Fee:                                                    If paid by March 1                    After March 1st
                            Half-Day Students: (Pre-K Only)                                     $ 90                                     $125
                            Full-Day Students:                                                           $180                                    $250
The Enrollment / Re-enrollment fee will cover the cost of the school t-shirt, library books, most field trips throughout the school year and miscellaneous classroom needs. It is due upon submission of enrollment forms for the following school year.  It is non-refundable.
Tuition: Due each month, August through May, for ten (10) equal payments or July thru June for 12 equal payments. Payment is due by the first of each month except August in which tuition is due on the first day of school. The tuition charge is a fixed fee for the school year (180 days).  Those students attending school for a partial year will be charged a percentage of the tuition based on days enrolled.  If not paid by the 20th of the month, special arrangements must be made with the school board.

Tuition Rates*  Yearly / 10 Months  / 12 months

Pre - K (1/2 Day)

Pre - K - 8th (All Day)

$2,500 / $250 / $208.33

$4,500 / $450 / $375


* 5% Discount for yearly tuition if paid in full by the first day of school.

* 5% Discount for yearly tuition if paid in full by the first day of school.
* Family Discount of $50/mo for each student beyond the 1st student in the family will be applied toward the cost of tuition. (Full-day students only)
* Constituent Discount of $50/mo for each student will be applied toward tuition. A constituent is a member of the Parkersburg Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Financial Aid

To apply for Financial Aid please follow this link - 

Financial Aid - FACTS
(To apply for Financial Aid - please use the link above)

Financial Aid is available for Grades 1-9 only.