Parkersburg Academy

Creative Education that Honors the Creator . . . rooted in God's love.

Who May Attend?

Enrollment Forms

Who may attend?

The school is open to persons of all faiths, as long as they maintain conduct in harmony with the Christian standards of the school and do not oppose or tear down the Christian way of life which the school is built on.

Admissions Policies

Students may apply if age 3 and potty-trained through the 8th grade.

All admissions will be subject to approval by the School Board.  We urge parents not to start their children in first grade until they reach the age of seven (7) years. Students admitted into the first grade will be at least six (6) years of age no later than July 1st of the current year. In the event a parent feels his/her child merits an exception, he/she may apply in writing to the Board. An exception may be granted by the Board subject to the outcome of testing.

  • Any child transferring from another school will be required to present his/her last report card or transfer card from the school from which he/she is coming. Incoming students will not be permanently assigned to a grade level until a transcript is received.
  • The school is not designed to handle children with special needs (e.g. serious developmental and/or learning disabilities). Due to the lack of sufficiently trained personnel, children with special needs are accepted on a case by case basis, subject to the approval of the school board.
  • Previously enrolled students applying may consider themselves accepted unless notified otherwise by the School Board. New students will be accepted by the Board on an individual basis as they apply during the year.
  • All new students and those entering grades 4 & 7 must have a physical examination and a record of immunization. These medical forms are available in the office. They are required to be filled in and signed by a physician.
  • ALL STUDENTS MUST PRESENT A RECORD OF CURRENT IMMUNIZATION against the following diseases: DIPHTHERIA, PERTUSSIS, TETANUS (DTP), POLIO, MUMPS, MEASLES, (rubeola & rubella). (Check with the doctor to make sure student is up to date with all immunizations.)
  • No student will be enrolled unless his previous account is paid in full or prior arrangements made with the School Board.
  • Every student who presents himself/herself for admission to the school thereby pledges to observe willingly all its regulations and to uphold the Christian principles upon which the school is operated. The student will also, to the best of his/her ability, perform all duties assigned to him/her in connection with the school.
  • Parents seeking admission for their children into the school thereby place themselves on record as being willing to abide by the principles of the school and also pledge themselves to assist in every way possible to uphold the teacher, the school, and the school program.  
  • The School Board reserves the right to refuse admittance to any pupil whom it deems unlikely to become an asset to the school, or who refuses to abide by its principles. Any pupil may be expelled during the school year for the same reasons. No such action will be entered into without setting before the parents the problem in question and seeking to work out a satisfactory settlement first.