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WV Hope Scholarship

Parkersburg Academy IS an education provider with the Hope Scholarship.

~ The Hope Scholarship is a wonderful opportunity to help fund private education for your child. If you meet the criteria, you will receive approximately $4,000!! The amount for the current year is $4,290 but will fluctuate annually.

~ Hope funds may be used for approved students in grades K-12, age 5, by July 1st, to age 21. Funds may not be used for college.

The current criteria to be approved for Hope Scholarship funds:  

~ The student must be living in the state of West Virginia

                           ~ The student is entering Kindergarten for the upcoming school year (age 5 by July 1st), OR

~ The student is currently enrolled in West Virginia Public School and wishes to change to private school / homeschooling.

~ There is a caveat that if a child is enrolled in public school (virtual or in-person) for 45 calendar days, they can then apply for the Hope scholarship.

Application Window March 1st – May 15th

Do not miss the window!

Steps to take:

Incoming Kindergarten Students: (Age 5 by July 1st, a 6-year-old may attend Kindergarten)

  • Take a Notice of Intent (NOI) to the County BOE office during the application window March 1st - May 15th to obtain your student's WVEIS #.
  • Get a WVEIS # from the county board office. They will issue you a number after receiving your NOI –  According to the Wood County BOE, this should take 2-3 days.
  • Once you have your WVEIS # complete the Hope Application form.
  • Submit the completed application to
  • Wait for your approval of the Hope Scholarship.

Current Public School Students:

  • Apply between the dates of March 1st – May 15th
  • Application form  - from the Hope Scholarship Website. 
  • Submit completed application to
  • Wait for approval. Do not withdraw your student from Public School until you have received your approval notification.
  • Turn in your Notice of Intent (NOI) to your County BOE before May 15th.

45 Day Rule

Within a school year - If a student attends public school (virtual or in-person) for 45 calendar days, they become eligible for receiving Hope Scholarship funds. They may apply at any time for Hope Scholarship and are not limited to the Application Window.

They MUST stay enrolled in public school until they receive their Approval Letter stating they have been granted Hope funds.


Re-Applying Students:

Once your student has been awarded Hope Funds, they can receive them annually after that. As long as they reside in the State of West Virginia. You must re-enroll annually and verify your address. The window for Re-Enrollment is February 15th - May 15th.

Helpful Links:

Wood County BOE Requests that you include your Email address and phone number on the form.

Please take the NOI to your WV County of residence BOE office in person between March 1st and May 1st to ensure having a WVEIS # issued in time to apply during the Application Window.  

A wonderful resource for information on Facebook is West Virginia Families United for Education. This group was established for the sole purpose of helping parents and providers navigate the details of this program. Jamie Buckland is wonderful and will respond to your questions. Look up the group on Facebook.